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My RC collection had become rather extensive, so I could no longer catalog it on one page of reasonable length.  Instead I have divided my collection into categorized sections which are detailed on separate pages and tabulated as shown below.  Note that many models appear in multiple categories so there are not (quite) as many models as there appear to be.  The tables include both models which are complete and those which haven't been built or restored yet.  In general you can click on any full size image to get a complete build record and parts list.  Models with smaller thumbnails are not yet complete.  I update the site every couple of months with newly built (and purchased) models.  There are thousands of pictures and hundreds of pages of text here, so enjoy and let me know what you think!  A large fire at my home in 2022 destroyed my entire collection, so most of these models are now gone.  I've indicated which models are active and which are destroyed.

Tamiya Historical Models
This section contains classic Tamiya models from the period 1977-2001.  Most are re-releases, but several are original vintage models.  Most models are 1/10th scale, but a handful are 1/12th.

Scale Trail Trucks and Crawlers
This section contains off road trucks and crawlers from a whole host of manufacturers.  Everything is 4WD and most are 1/10th scale with excursions up to 1/6th.

Tamiya Touring Cars
This section contains touring cars, Group C cars, Formula racers, and rally cars, all from Tamiya.  All are 1/10th scale with one notable exception.

Monster Trucks and Blackfeet
This section contains 4WD monster trucks and models from the Tamiya Blackfoot line.  The monster trucks cover the history of Tamiya from the beginning to the present.  Most models are 1/10th scale.

Avante Family and Other Buggies
This section contains a table of buggies using the iconic Tamiya Avante body or the Avante name.  The second table contains other buggies ranging from classic Kyosho to modern racing buggies.  All models are 1/10th scale.

Tractor Trucks and Trailers
This section contains Tamiya tractor trucks in 1/14th scale as well as matching trailers.

Tanks and Military Vehicles
This section contains military vehicles ranging from RWD to 8x8.  Most of the larger models are 1/12th scale, others are 1/10th or even 1/6th.  This section also contains Tamiya tanks in 1/16th scale.

Small Scale
This section contains smaller models ranging in scale from 1/12 to a tiny 1/64 including Tamtech Gear, Mini4WD, Q-Steer, and others.

This section contains tables representing the smaller categories.  There are rock racers,  short course trucks, and miscellaneous models which defy categorization.
I don't keep everything I buy.  This section shows the cars I have parted with over the years, to the best of my recollection.  Some include full build records for posterity.

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