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Great site  Blakbird ....I remember scanning the web for such a site when I first came out of my dark ages and as a Technic fan I am sure this will be a valuable resource.  Keep up the good work
- Ickelpete

Looks nice - it's easy on the use and simple to figure out.
- conductorjoe

Great web site! Please keep up the good work! Very useful!  
- 5150 Lego
Wow! This is incredible! Excellent work and brings back some memories from my childhood (late 70's early 80's). Love the site and I will visit frequently.
- dunamis
I like the idea behind this site a lot.  I've always been interested in Technic history and how the line has evolved over the years.
- CP5670

Love your site, very helpful and informative.
- Gallop

Your Technicopedia is truly marvelous, Erich! Thanx a lot for your time and effort! I spent hours upon hours in there digesting what you've written so far, rediscovering lots of childhood loves. Good thing you're not done yet, or I would still be lost in there...
- pellevin

- BerndDasBrot

The 8868 site is just great - you outdid yourself with it. All the coloured hoses are perfect to understand the functions of the model.
- Musikfreak

Wow I can't believe there is such a great Technic resource that I haven't found before!  I especially love the way you describe the parts that are released each year. I also like the way you describe the sets in great detail with renders....Please continue the great work.
- sja

I just think this site is one of the best ever, I am going to build every model that i can!!!!
- Burf2000

Awsome site. You cover everything to do with the models. T H A N K Y O U  V E R Y  M U C H  F O R  T E C H N I C O P E D I A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !    Just read the update for 1994 and WOW! That was well worth the wait. All 8 sets were reviewed incredibly well and as for 8880! There have been many reviews for this set but yours is the best by far.
- allanp

Beautiful work!
- Siegfried

Shocked and awed......Eric has written the ultimate review for the 8880!  Fantastic!
- JunkstyleGio

Eric, I bow to you! Outstanding work and the detail you put into it is just stunning.  Thanks for a beautiful technic-site which provides not only relevant information but also entertains a lot.  My best wishes for your ongoing work.  I hardly can't wait for the next updates!
- Lupus74

Thanks Blakbird for creating Technicopedia, it is a great resource and reminds me of all my fascinating sets which are waiting to be cleaned and rebuilt.

Let me take the time and say to you Blakbird, that I truly love your site. First of all it give me a quick access to looking at different sets through the years, including descriptions of functions.  But the part with most value for me, is the description of the new parts for each year. As a part designer this is really interesting, learning the history of the Technic pieces, and I don't even know if I could quickly find something similar as an employee. That is why I also eagerly awaits the future beyond 1994. But serious stuff like this takes time, so don't rush it please.
- Front

Technicopedia is so good that I practically check it every day for info on several sets as well as for those scarce updates....Thanks once again for the tremendous effort you're putting into Technicopedia - your work can't be praised enough!
- grepin

I visit it most days. Just love the way it shows the technical functions so well. ....Great resource and kudos for the amazing priceless collection.
- jediali

Words can't describe how great Technicopedia is.  Technicopedia > Wikipedia by far.
- Enilder

Technicopedia is one of the greatest tools a technic builder has at his/her disposal....Congratulations for your massive work Blackbird.
- deAraujo

I have to say that's an absolutely amazing site!  Fascinating stuff, I have it bookmarked and I'm looking forward to the rest of your updates! :-)
- Matthew G.

I must say I this site is excellent.....It must take a lot of hard work to do all this and it is very greatly appreciated. To me technic has always been lego’s flagship line of products ever since it’s introduction and now we have a resource that tells about every set.
- Allan P.

Thank you very much for the flash back into time.  I grew up on Technic / Expert Builder, but have stored it all away.  Very exciting to see it again!  Great work! Thanks,
- Scott

Woohoo! Almost as good as having the real model!
- Anders I.

Great Work Eric ! 1992 was the first year of my dark ages and i’ve been trying to acquire these kits for some time now. Your work gives me insight into the mechanics of this fantastic period of Technic.
- Steve

YUMMY!!!! I love the Technicopedia Web Site! You did a lot of work, for sure.  Please accept my sincere thanks for the work you did on the 8880 page. You rock!  Its been so long since I built that set, I hardly remember some of the construction goodies.  Seeing all these models up close and being able to look at and study the mechanics with out all the clutter (seeing the mechanisms directly) is very insightful. Sometimes, some of the functionality of these sets is not so apparent on the box's model photography.  It's almost like the LEGO web site itself should contain a similar archive, or perhaps promote the functionality of the TECHNIC line of sets in a similar fashion.
- Eric S.

Congratulations on a most excellent site, I spent about an hour browsing it yesterday and I only went to a quarter of it. If you do complete it, it promises to be one of my favorite site.  My compliments on the Technicopedia website....I especially like the format you've chosen for the site. It's a very nice historic overview to see Technic grow over the years. Also it's very nice to see how models (e.g. the cranes) evolve over the years. It must take you a lot of work to research this and put it into HTML....I will follow to progress on your website.
- Stephane S.

Congratulations on your Technicopedia site!
- Jim H.

I've just seen your post on lugnet and visited your Technic site - that is quite some achievement, it must have taken a lot of work to prepare all the images, information etc! It was a real nostalgia trip for me seeing these old models, I owned a fair proportion of them at the time, and I still have them, mingled in somewhere in my collection. Seeing them on your site makes me want to dig out the instructions and have a go at building them again.  I'm looking forward to seeing  future additions to your site.
- Jennifer C.

I've been following the progress of Techincopedia with much interest - I think it is a fabulous thing that you're doing.
- Owen D.

I have to say your web project it´s amazing!!!!....I can´t believe all the communities about Lego are open in Internet, so thanks for your information and keep on writin´on your web!
- Miguel A.

I've just spent a few hours in your technicopedia web site.  Amazing. Thanks for the pleasant journey.....Your amazing web site fills the void I have from around 1981 till 1989. I feel like Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) in the fifth element when she learnt the world's history in 1 day by fast forwarding it on TV.  Thank you so much!
- Raanan

I recently stumbled upon your wonderful website on Lego Technic. Great work! That was really something. You have to be an engineer to make something like that!
- Svein S.

Congratulations on your excellent website of TECHNIC, I can learn a lot from him and I think it'll become a reference to every Technic-lover.
- Joao R.

Thank you very much for your website. I've really enjoyed looking back at the sets I owned and the ones I never knew about.
- Matthew H.

I don't usually do this, but thought your site deserves a great deal of praise, so here it goes.  After roughly ten years of dark ages, I've been hunting for LEGO Technic sets online for some three years now, but only recently was told about your wonderful site. I just hope someday my Technic collection will be somewhat comparable to yours!....Thank you very much for all the time and effort you're putting into Technicopedia, and it's my hope that small messages such as this one give you enough motivation to carry on.
- grepin

I'd also like to add that your site is an absolute joy to navigate, very well put together with great info.
 - Robert O.

I never written anything to website creators before – but I just wanted to say wow, well done and thank you very much....
Wow – because the photos, animations and information on your website are just fantastic.
Well done – because of the obvious commitment to perfection.
Thank you – because like you, I was obsessed with Technical Lego as a boy and it’s so great to relive those memories and see (for the first time in decades in some instances) the models I used to build.
- Steve

I just wanted to congratulate you on putting together such a wonderful website (Technicopedia) and say that I and many other members of LUG Brasil have derived great enjoyment reading it.
- Nelson K.

Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great Technic website.
- Rich

Congratulations for your website and your Technic collection.They are wonderful.
- Luis M.

Thanks for all the time and effort you're putting into your webpage, just letting you know it's appreciated.  I bought a set 8868 on ebay because of your review. Very nice indeed!
- Mark

 Thanks for putting so much effort in making a Technics website!  It has so much detail and I especially like the graphics of the mechanical parts.
- Ivan

A couple of months ago I came across your site and I quickly became a regular visitor.  I love your work and I think you are making a great technic database, the drawings and animations are incredibly informative.
- Jur D.

I also like to mention your great work on the Technicopedia site. It looks great with all the insights and great renderings. Please continue; it's much appreciated. Looking forward to see more.
- Nathanael K.

Thanks for all the hard work you have put into making such a nice LEGO Technic reference for all the Fans to use. I myself know all that's involved and can only begin to fathom all the time you spent creating all of the wonderful renders and files for everyone to view/download along will all of the helpful information.
- Art

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your site....I was feeling a little nostalgic, browsing the internet checking Lego Technic sites and came upon yours.  The best Lego site I've ever encountered.  It brought back many many memories of sets I both owned and had wanted in the past.  Thanks for all your hard work, wonderful pictures, videos, and your great comments.  Keep it up!
- Gavin M.

First of all... I LOVE your webcite and you are largely to blame for my rejuvenated interest in all the technic sets that I couldn't have as a child.
- Chase

Thank you very much for all your hard work on this awesome resource and I look forward to the next update!
- Nick

First of all a big compliment for your website! What a wonderful page is technicopedia! It must be an enormous amount of work to built this site, but it is amazing! All the pictures, simulations and descriptions of all the models!.....Thanks for you help and thank you very very much for your fantastic website!
- Harry B.

.....Again I'd like to tell you that I am quite a fan of your site and I have spent many joyful hours reading and learning about lego technic and I'd like to thank you for that.
- Jur

Just wanted to say that Technicopedia is my favorite site on the internet, and thanks for adding 1995. Keep up the good work!
- Peter D.

I loved your site!!! It is so helpful and in depth.....You have a truly wonderful and unique archive!!!
- Tucker C.

Thanks a lot for your great website! Brings back so many memories... So glad I have kept all my sets... :) .....Anyway, keep up the great work with your website!!!!
- BigBen78

But for sure, I must also THANK YOU sooooooo MUCH, with many congratulations, for the great quality of your website !!
- Patrick

I just wanted to tell you that I love your LEGO Technic site.  I unearthed my old Technic models a while ago.......At that time I thought to myself: "There has to be some kind of LEGO Technic fansite on the net", I needed more information about the things I missed during those 10 years. I started searching, and imagined what the perfect source would look like, and well then I found it in the form of your Technicopedia. Its not only the highly detailed descriptions, but I love it when somebody combines great insight with a casual, personal style of presentation.
- Paul G.

Your website is fantastic resource to me and I thank you for the job and the time you have spent in building it.
- Massimiliano T.

I bookmarked it immediately......Your site is very informative.  love the diagrams and animations.......Much appreciated ;)
-  Minh N.

Having a family has brought me back into contact with LEGO Technical and I'm still trying to catch up with the many changes.  This is where your site has become so valuable.  I've spent many hours reading through Technicopedia. It's a masterpiece.  The best LEGO Technic review on the net and a worthy link from Wikipedia. Great attention to the evolution of Technic and the various mechanics employed......Keep up the outstanding work.
-  Paul K.

Love the site - I have been looking for a good technical set site for ages......Soon I hope to start searching for the older sets to build the collection so I find your site a valuable reference. Thanks for the info and memories.
-  David W.

I just like to thank you for the great job you've done putting all this info on the site. No photo or catalogue description can give me such an idea of complexity and ingenuity of some models. For all of the Technic part of my small collection..... I owe your Technicopedia as it helped me making a decision of what sets to buy.......I can't wait for the year 1996 to be posted on your site because reading your comments is pure pleasure. Thanks a lot and keep this wonderful site updating! 
-  Miroslav B.

Thank you for your hard work on Technicopedia site, it is a source of information in which I look in, when I am going to buy a new set....Your site is made so precisely.  The Ldraw models and the descriptions of each  models are amazing....Therefore I would like to thank you for your beautiful site and for beautiful time spent reading it.
-  Juraj  P.

When I bought a couple of second-hand Technic sets last week, this guy –the seller- was telling me about a website I should check when I was back home. That was your site, technicopedia.com.  So I did, and what I came across was and is quite amazing, really.  The pictures, schemes, animations, descriptions, reviews, it’s all excellent!........Once again, you’re doing a fantastic job with the website.
-  Kris A.

May I join the chorus of encouragement for the continuation of your Technicopedia site?.....Having toyed with the idea of being Technic complete for a while, it's great to see someone who's giving it a go with an amazing display. I bet even Lego does not have such an array of constructed models......Keep up the stellar work.
-  Bill B.

About your page, it's simply fantastic. Technical descriptions are accurate, comments are always objective, and pictures and animations are really cool. I'm looking forward for you to update the site, to see those new impressive Technic released in the last years.
-  Ariel A.

Oh man, what an incredible collection of Technics details and commenting you have put together! Especially the listing and thorough analysis of new parts and their features year by year! I just couldn't help reading it through, word to word, even trying to make it as slowly as possible to enjoy every piece of detail. Keep on the good work!
- Tomi

Your site is a very good information source, and I was impressed about the CAD models.
-  Frank D.

Love your Technic site.  From it, I learned about set 8880, which I had not previously known about.   Keep up the great work!
-  Joseph P.

Your site is absolutely fantastic, great work.....thank you again for having published all this wonder.
-  Yaser

I'd like to thank you for all the work you dedicate to the wonderful site that is Technicopedia! Whenever I want to show other people (the kind of people that only remembers LEGO as stacking bricks during their childhood) the kind of things that can be done with LEGO in general and Technic in particular, this is the site I show.  No other is such a complete and detailed reference to everything LEGO has done in this area. Keep up the excellent work!
- Alexandre C.

Just want to compliment and thank you for your superb Technic Lego website. Really enjoyed looking though it (and so much detail still to read). Now keenly awaiting any updates you have time to make.
-  Alex S.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your history of each year from the start to 1995......Now I am looking forward to seeing the history on the years that I missed. I've already looked at all the sets on other sites, but your overview with background info is excellent and I'm hoping you find the time to put 1996 online soon!
-  Surya V.

WARNING!!!...the following post sounds like I am gushing (which frankly I am), ....Oh wow Eric...you don't even realize it but it is all YOUR fault. About a year ago when I discovered bricklink and started collecting I stumbled across Technicopedia.  Hours and hours later I realized that I had quite a bit more collecting to do to "catch-up"..... If it were not for your influence I would have never known so many unique technic creations had been produced.... Anyway, I blamed you then and I will blame you again now....you did this....and I couldn't be more thrilled.
- Chase H.

Just wanted to let you know Technicopedia must be the best Lego site I've seen. Precise technical descriptions, comments about various components and  historical views are all fantastic -- both very interesting to read and a valuable knowledge resource for building. Keep up the great work!
- Oton R.

I have to say that I'm very impressed with your homepage about the Lego modells. Many of them are on my boards and it's good to see that other people as well value them by not only owning them but putting so much information together.
- Tim H.

.....awesome website! I dug out my old lego sets for my boys to look at and compare with the news sets that they have today, and being able to share some of the history of technical lego based on your website was a lot of fun.
- Jason P.

I am a fan of technic and found your website. I just wanted to say i am very impressed with the content and presentation of the models. The computer rendering is excellent and I love the detailed explanations.
- craig

Wow... Just wow.  You built an incredible site. Bumped on it almost by accident, and oops, the evening is gone...Please, please make sure to keep this site up for a long time. I'll sure want to show that to my (unborn) kids.
- Jean-Marc R.

First of all my compliments to your wonderful site. I have to say it made me aware of many beautiful technic sets I didn't know about or had forgotten about..... Your site is one of the sources that have encouraged me to get after many (not all, like you have) of the older sets and I am grateful for that (my wife is not, by the way).......
- René R.

I 1<3 Technicopedia.  I discovered your site last year and since then I'm a regular visitor. It's so cool too see the models from my childhood and to read the detailed descriptions of models I wished to had as a child.  It even inspired me to dig up my old sets, to hunt down missing parts and to finally build them up in full glory again. :)  One can clearly see all the time love you invested in this site, keep it up and have fun with your sets!
- Philip E.

I'm writing to say a big THANKS for the great review of the 8855 Technic Propeller Plane you've made in your encyclopedia.  I just came across it and was delighted to read all the details you've put there about this model.  I'll be sure to bookmark your site and visit it regularly.
- legohead

Really an awesome site, brings back so many memories that I almost started crying because of selling my Lego Technics when dark age came.
-Bartek B.

Your website is really wonderful!  I'm very happy to have discovered such a website.  I feel again like a child...
-Michaël P.

Awesome Site! It truly equals the essence of the legos - and even brings back the emotional excitement I had when creating with the sets.  Lego-motion! - The emotions felt when seeing the creations we made as kids!
-Joe M.

I didn't have time to look at every detail of your page, but I am really impressed of your collection! And I wanted to say thank you for showing so many models on your website! It brings back so many great memories from my childhood!
-Florian H.

I made a long and interesting trip on your site, and couldn't stop smiling.  It was nice to read about the sets I don't know, but even better about those I own.
-Mihály S.

You're site is really awesome. It's exactly what I searched for to understand the technical stuff. ...... I hope it'll stay online for a long long time. *thumbs up*
- Ortwin

I just wanted to let you know that I love your Technic Fundamentals page. I've been looking for something like it!
- Nicholas H.

I'd just like to say that your Technicopedia is an excellent place. I love reading the detailed, full technical explanations for my old Technic sets, it makes me understand them so much better since I was never an engineer.....Thinking about these bring back so many nice memories.......Please keep up the good work.
- zyrobs

Just came across your site and I have to commend you on an amazing site!  Really well set up and informative, great job! .....I will definitely be back to keep an eye on your site!  Greatly appreciated
- Andre S.

Love your site and the amount of work and detail that has gone into it....... Keep up the great work on your site.
- Shannon J.

Thoroughly enjoyed your review of the 8860..... Keep up the good work on the site!
- Greg S.

What a great ‘pedia you have made.  And what a Technics collection you have...... Keep up the good work with the bricks.
- Chris M.

What an amazing website ! Can't stop reading page after page.  You are doing a great job of detailing the mechanisms, and you have some very interesting trivia about the Technic world.  Plus, the computer models are mesmerizing.
- Gerald H.

Thank's for your efforts in creating this marvellous pages which I just an hour ago found on the web.  I will still have to spend hours to explore all contents...
- Peter S.

I want to thank you for your great site that has helped me in the choice of many models and discover the many "secrets" and curiosity.
- Antonio

Now that is one awesome site ! I'm re-living my childhood (my 3year old son is now into Duplo), and buying some Technic, and your database has proven to be a fantastic source of info and pictures.
- Sven S.

Since I also am a big fan of your Technicopedia and can imagine how much work and effort you put into..... So once again thank you so much for all the enthusiasm you put into the LEGO-Hobby.
- Robert D.

I found your lego site and I enjoyed the Lego Expert Builder Series myself back in the day.....While perusing your site I had a hard time getting any work done today. This of course if all your fault ..... I like the animation too, must have taken you a lot of time to recreate the models in a digital form.
- Mikkel B.

It's nice to see you started working again on your site.  I am a Lego Technic enthusiast and  watch you site from time to time and it is a great source of technic information.  Keep on the good work!!! :)
- Sven M.

You’re site is awesome an inspiration for me  It was the reason to get me back on Lego from a long dark age!
- Sylvain D.

It’s impossible to not be impressed with your vast collection of Technic, and the care with which you have made your site!  Thank you!
- Brian F.

Keep up the good work with the site, it's always fun to read about the history and workings of these models. These would even make a nice book in my opinion :> Hoping to see new reviews in the history section still!
- artoodiitoo

First of all: your site is really ”aviation grade” – fantastic! Looking forward to year 1997.
- Bo K.

I have just discovered your Technicopedia website ... Truly awesome work there!!
- Nicholas C.

You're site is really wonderful, not just a soul-less database but a priceless source of technical (great diagrams!) and historical information ..... Thank you very much for your work!
- Alex T.

Thank you for your wonderful site on lego technics, and I agree that 1994 was the pinnacle of both Technic style and function.
- Al M.

I remember stumbling on your site years ago, I read all there was at the time in my downtime at work .... Thank you so much for your contribution to the technic community! .... And yes I'll say it again, THANK YOU!
- ELItheICEman

Big, big congratulations to your outstanding Technicopedia!  Your combination of full commitment, technical understanding and innovation/marketing know-how is really rare.  But to find a so precise and at the same time personal and caring description of each model is a real gem.  I think I spend some days now on your site, which boosted my total Lego understanding a lot.
- Daniel B.

I really appreciate your hard work on this. It warmed my heart to find my childhood technic model in your database: 1990's 8825 Night Chopper. :)
- Charles

Thank you for this awesome source of information. It has guided me many times when trying to decide which set to buy or when trying to understand mechanisms.
- Anders L.

Your website was a joy to browse through and bring back memories while building Technic back in the 80s!  It must have been an enormous work :-)
- Sven P.

You totally unsealed my memories. I didn't ever know I'm able to remember my long lost legos. But I do, and memories keep flowing like tears.  The year-by-year story is stunning me .... I noticed you're working hard to unfold all models of a given year. Anyone else will just review the masterpieces. Your stoic work outshines any suggestion I'll ever be able to make.
- Luca

What a great site you've made. Very interesting and informative! Keep up the good work.
- Matthew H.

First of all I want to thank you a lot for your work with Technicopedia. It has become my primary source for Technic info, both for sets, parts and Technic development over the years. I really like your systematical approach, describing mechanisms for individual sets, as well as the description of categories and what sets and parts released each year .... Thanks again, and please keep up the good work!
- Kolbjorn H.

First of all, let me just say that Technicopedia is simply amazing. I’m currently recovering from an almost 20 year long "dark age", and your website has been both a source of nostalgia when it comes to the old ‘90s sets I had when I was a kid, as well as a great infodump re. the progress Technic made since then and up to date.  Please keep up the great work!
- Oleg F.

You're site is so great with all the detailed info and pictures.
- James T.

....congratulations on a truly amazing & wonderful site. The amount of effort you must have spent on to date is incredible!
- Gal S.

First I would like to say what a great site! I read about it in The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder's Guide. I have been playing with Lego since early childhood, and your site it like a catalogued candy store! Very cool that you actually have each set built and on a shelf, makes me a little jealous.
- Will M.

First of all: thank you, thank you so very much. What you are doing for the LEGO community is simply amazing.  While Nathanael Kuipers brought me back to LEGO, you kept me there, with your reviews, descriptions, and the mighty technicopedia.
- Peter A.

Thanks for the great work. I started sharing Lego with my children, it's a great experience.
- Diego P.

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