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2007 - Power Functions


2007 saw 8 new sets, 2 of which were in the Racers line.  But the big news for the year was the introduction of the Power Functions system.  Right from the beginning in 1977, there had been supplemental motors available for use in Technic models.  In the beginning the available motor was an ungeared 4.5V motor, and in 1982 it was finally included in a set off the shelf.  It was 1990 before this was replaced with a larger ungeared 9V motor and associated new battery box and wiring system.  Like the previous motor, this was available in supplemental sets but only rarely included in a model off the shelf.  In 1997 a geared 9V motor was released using the same power and wiring system.  Now in 2007, 30 years after the original Technic line was released, the entire system was replaced with something completely new.  This wasn't just a new motor, but an entire system of multiple motors, batteries, wiring, switches, and remote controllers.  Whereas the previous motors were fairly limited in power, the new system was designed to be able to actually propel entire models effectively.  Motors were designed to attach via the studless system.  An entire protocol for the 4-wire electrical system was developed and made publicly available, giving clues to the future of the system.  From this point forward, there was usually at least one motorized model available every year, and most larger models included instructions on how to add Power Functions.  The system itself would continue to be expanded with new powered components for years to come.

The flagship model for the year, the 8275 Bulldozer, was clearly designed to showcase the capabilities of the new Power Functions system.  With 4 motors and 2 remote receivers, it was the first ever motorized model that was fully controllable wirelessly.  This model contained at least one example of every part of the new Power Functions system.  A wide variety of shapes and colors of other models rounded out the lineup.

Although the new parts were dominated by Power Functions, a new much larger tread and sprocket system is also worthy of note.


8145 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino
8146 Nitro Muscle
8270 Rough Terrain Crane
8271 Wheel Loader
8272 Snowmobile
8273 Off Road Truck
8274 Combine Harvester
8275 Motorize Bulldozer


New Treads
The original chain links and related treads had been in use since 1979.  This year a new system of much larger treads was released.  Whereas the old treads mated with standard gears, the new treads use a custom small or large sprocket.  Note that the old treads remained in production for smaller models.

Miscellaneous Parts
A new 8L axle with an integrated stop was released.  With the new Power Functions system, it was important that powered axle be retained so they wouldn't migrate out over time.  The retainer can be trapped between parts, locking the axle in place.

A new corner pin connector was also released which made stronger corner joints possible.

Power Functions

The new Power Functions system included a wide range of components:
  • Motors
    • M-motor:  The medium motor features a 3L diameter and a 6L length.  There are 4 pin holes on the front and a female 2x6 plate on the bottom for a variety of attachment options.
    • XL-motor:  The extra large motor features a 5L diameter and a 6L length.  It has many pin holes on the front and sides, but no studded attachment options.  This motor has the torque to destroy a Technic axle if stalled.
    • Both motors use internal planetary gearing and therefore have low output speed with relatively high torque.  The fact that the motors were named medium and extra large left an obvious hole for a potential small and/or large motor.
  • Power System
    • The new battery box holds 6AA batteries for a total of 9V (or less if rechargeable batteries are used).  It has an integral current limiter set at about 1A.  The battery box can only be attached studlessly with pin holes.  A 3 position switch on the top of the battery box is used to change polarity.
    • The new wiring system includes 4 conductors instead of 2.  Two of these are full time power and ground.  The other two, C1 and C2, are used for control and switching functions.  The wires are much larger and stiffer than the old wires and therefore harder to route through small spaces.
    • A new type of connector (shown in dark gray) was needed to support the new 4-conductor wiring.  Unlike the older connector, it can only be attached one way and cannot be rotated to change polarity.  The connectors can be stacked to attach components in parallel.
    • Another type of new connector (shown in light gray) is available only on extension wires.  The bottom of this connector interfaces with the old 9V system.  This allows old 9V motors to be used with the new system, or old battery boxes to use with the new motors.  However, the new remote controllers cannot be used with old battery boxes because they are powered by the 2 wires that are not present in the old system.
  • Remote Control System
    • An infrared receiver was introduced with 2 outputs and 4 channels.  Infrared has limited range and does not work well in direct sunlight, but is much less regulated than radio frequency.  The receiver output allow the control of 2 motors.  The protocol is capable of using Pulse Width Modulation to vary the speed of the motors in 6 steps in each direction, but this functionality has never been used in a Technic model.  A channel selector (orange switch) on the receiver can be set in one of four positions, allowing a maximum of 4 receivers and 8 functions to be used at one time without interference.
    • An infrared transmitter was introduced with two levers and a four position channel selector.  The switches are momentary (must be held to maintain command) and allow only 3 options: forward, back, or off.  Each output channel has a polarity reversing switch.  The transmitter uses 3AAA batteries.
    • The Power Functions system also includes a train controller which has speed control output and persistent commands (lever doesn't need to be held to maintain command), but this has never appeared in a Technic set.

2007 new parts

2007 power functions

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