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2014 - Volvo Loader


2014 included 11 new sets.  Among them was the flagship motorized 42030 Volvo wheel loader, the second wheeled model to have powered locomotion and the 4th overall.  It was also only the second Technic model ever to be licensed.  Other notable sets included the huge white 42025 Cargo Plane and the 42023 Construction Crew, a large set with 3 small models instead of one larger model, something that had never been done before in the Technic line.  The two largest models were motorized and two others had instructions for optional motors.

The lineup this year was notable for the wide range of unusual colors including orange, lime, white, and even a brand new light blue.  Stickers continued to play an enormous role in the overall appearance of the finished models.

There were a number of new parts for the year including panels and axle, but the most notable was an enormous new loader bucket which dwarfed even the largest of the previous offerings.


42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter
42021 Snowmobile
42022 Hot Rod
42023 Construction Crew
42024 Container Truck
42025 Cargo Plane
42026 Black Champion Racer
42027 Desert Racer
42028 Bulldozer
42029 Customized Pickup Truck
42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader


A new flat 3x11 panels was released to supplement the 5x11 with the same number of holes and general design.

A new thin light gray 5L suspension arm complemented the older dark gray wishbone.  With a narrower profile and a similar ball joint socket at the end, it was usable in smaller models.

Axles and Pins
A new 5L axle with stop was added to the existing 4L and 8L offerings.  While the even numbered lengths were dark gray, this one was color coded dark tan.

A new 3L axle pin was released in dark gray.  This is a part that fans had desired for a long time, and it is surprising that it did not come sooner given its remarkable utility as a fastener.

A 3x5 I-shaped beam became available.  This complemented the 5x7 and 5x11 frames as a simple way to strengthen structure with only a single part.

The big news for the year was the huge new Volvo bucket for the 42030 Wheel Loader.  At 18x10, the old largest bucket (shown transparent) already seemed enormous, but the new 23x13 bucket could swallow it whole.  In addition to the larger size, the design was changed to match the real thing.  The front profile is V-shaped instead of straight, and a metal mesh is present at the top.

Wheels and Tires

A new higher profile 49.5 x 20 small scale truck tire was released for the old wheel.  The new part had a much more realistic aspect ratio than the old tire when compared with real trucks.
2014 new parts

2014 new parts

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