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8215 Gyro Copter

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Model by Michael Heidemann

The 8215 Gyro Copter was the first and only Auto Gyro in the Technic line-up, although arguably it is actually some sort of hybrid helicopter instead.  In a real auto gyro the main rotor is not powered but auto-rotates as air flows over it.  It is therefore as analogous to a wing as to a rotor.  Forward thrust is provided by a traditional longitudinally mounted propeller.  In the case of this model, both the rotor and the prop are geared together.  The model uses uncommon yellow flex tubing as a curved cockpit.  The cockpit is scaled for a Technic figure although the model does not include one at this low price point.  This is an example of one of the very simplest Tech Play models designed for a beginner Technic audience.


The rotor's and propeller's rotation is driven by an input crank on the left side.  This crank drives a 24 tooth crown gear.  Both the rotor and propeller are geared via an 8 tooth pinion from the input crank, therefore both turn at the same rate with a ratio of 3:1 with respect to the input crank

The main rotor has 3 blades and uses the Technic rotor hub to construct the blades with plates.  The prop is a specialized monolithic part.
crank    rotor
 Click for an animation of the rotor in motion.
Wheels and Tires
The tricycle landing gear uses old standard pulleys and tires.  The whole undercarriage makes extensive use of the new angle connectors.

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Side View
side view
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top view
Front View
front view
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back view
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