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8253 Fire Helicopter

iso revolve
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Model by marco9999

The 8253 Fire Helicopter, along with its brothers 8252 and 8255, make up a set of modular, reconfigurable rescue vehicles.  Each feature a number of detachable modules which can be recombined in multiple ways either within the set, or with each other.  Somewhat like 8244, the idea is a good one for play variety but suffers due to the fact the most of the possible alternate configurations don't really make any sense.  Still, if you should want to put landing skids on your motorcycle or off-road wheels under your rotor, you can.  The instructions for each model featured photos of some of the other possible configurations.

These sets were clearly made with a very young audience in mind.  The parts came sorted into many different bags inside the box, one bag for each module even though only 20 parts may be required.

This particular set makes use of yellow flexible parts in long lengths, and is one of the sets to ever do so.


This model has a total of 5 modules.  The main rotor detaches and so does the tail boom.  The winch and landing skids are also modules.  The central unit is for the pilot.  The modules are connected together with the unique transparent connector blocks (yellow in this set) and double pins (black in this set).  Each connector block can be used in one of three orthogonal orientations.
iso    block
The main rotor of this helicopter has a wicked chord and camber.  With all that area, it provides plenty of lift to keep our hero above the flames.  A crank on the left side drives the main rotor through a set of bevel gears with a 1:1 ratio.

The tail rotor simply spins manually on an axle pin.
rotor    rotor
 Click for an animation of the rotor in motion.
A small ratcheting winch under the fuselage can be used to save ...... logs ..... from the fire.  A rubber band is used to put a little bit of resistance on the crank.  A ratchet on the other side of the drum holds the hook even when loaded, but it relies on gravity to engage so there will be no flying this thing inverted.  "Communicating."
rotor    rotor
On the weekends when he is not needed for Airwolf, Jan Michael Vincent volunteers to fly the fire helicopter into harm's way.  He's got a flame retardant Kevlar suit, a 2-way radio, and a flashlight.  Because fires are dark.  From a helicopter.

This figure appears only in this set.  There is a flame printed on the unique helmet.

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