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8414 Mountain Rambler

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Model by KWON

The 8414 Mountain Rambler released in 1997 doesn't seem like a real vehicle as much as it seems like an excuse to use the new rubber tracks with some suspension, and at that it succeeds reasonably.  This is the smallest Tech Build model of the year but still has an impressive array of features.  Sadly the treads have too much friction to roll properly and therefore this model is not as good as it could be.  The clear engine cylinders and rust colored pistons are new and make it easier to see the engine.  The very long yellow flex tube is also unusual.


The front and rear wheels can be steered using an overhead "hand of god" control.  The input drives an axle connected to a 8 tooth pinion gear through a universal joint.  The gear drives a flexible rack.  The steering mechanism itself uses steering arms and toothed links.

Because the chassis of the vehicle is set at such a steep angle and the kingpin axis is perpendicular to the body, turning the wheels actually lifts the vehicle up and down.
steering    steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
The model has a rear mounted V-2 engine.  The engine is driven by the upper sprocket using a 3:1 gear increase making it turn very quickly.  There is no differential, only a solid axle.
engine    engine
Click for an animation of the engine in motion.
The entire rear chassis assembly, including the treads and engine, is unsprung mass.  The front and rear body sections are connected with a pivot as shown in the computer image and supported by a pair of shock absorbers.
suspension    suspension
Click for an animation of the suspension in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set uses front balloon tires and rear rubber treads.  The triangular tread geometry is unique to this set, but results in considerable rolling resistance.

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