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1998, 2002
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Other:  Motorcycles
Steering, kickstand, V-2 engine
Rear suspension
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8417/8430 Mag Wheel Master

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Model by Koyan

The 8417 Mag Wheel Master was the first attempt at a sport bike in the Technic line.  The title of this set gives us a clue that the special wheels of this set may have been designed specifically for it, with sets 8428 and 8462 getting them just because they had already been made.  In any case, no other sets ever used these wheels or tires, and the front narrow tire in particular is unique to this set.  However, there were two more chances to get because this set was re-released  in 2002 as 8430.

Like the other Tech Build sets this year, this model uses the new wheels and is blue with turquoise seats.  Also like the others it makes heavy use of flexible tubes and ribbed hoses as styling elements.  Like previous motorcycles, it uses a lot of non-square angles by pinning the frame together.  This model does not have front suspension, but the rear suspension is an interesting type with an arm on only one side.


The front fork can be steered using the handle bars which are constructed of angle connectors.  The fork pivots around an axle which passes through the head tube part. The rake angle is based on the angle of the head tube, however the side view shows that the head tube itself is installed at an angle to the frame resulting in a greater rake angle.

A close look will reveal a brake rotor on one side of the front wheel.  No caliper for it though.

The fairing is fixed to the frame and does not rotate with the handlebars just like many real sport bikes.  This can be clearly seen in the animation.
steering     steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
The V twin engine is located in the frame under the fuel tank and is mounted laterally.  It is coupled to the rear sprocket via a chain.

The engine is made from transparent engine elements and is driven by the rear wheel.  The 24 tooth sprocket on the wheel is connected to a 16 tooth gear on the transmission.  The transmission is just a set of 1:1 idler gears.  Finally, a 24 tooth crown gear turns the torque at a right angle and into the crankshaft.   The crankshaft is offset 1/2 stud from center, giving the pistons a stroke of 1 stud.

The final gear ratio is (24:16) * (16:24) = 1:1.
engine     engine
Click for an animation of the engine in motion.
The side stand can be retracted on a friction pin.  The model leans a bit too far with the 3L liftarm against the #5 angle connector, so I have slid it down the axle slightly so the models sits more upright.
The rear suspension uses a monoshock running from the seat down to a point just ahead of the rear wheel.  The trailing arm pivots on the rear transmission axle.  This model has a support arm on only the left side of the wheel.  From the right, the wheel appears to float in space.  The shocks bottom out at about the same position as the tire hits the bottom of the seat.

There is no suspension in the front fork.
suspension    suspension
Click for an animation of the rear suspension in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set a narrow front wheel and a very wide rear wheel, both the new deep dish metallic silver versions.  The front narrow wheel appears in only this set.

Other Views

Side View
side view
Side View
side view
Front View
front view
Back View
back view
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