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8810 Café Racer

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Model by Koyan

Set 8810 was released in 1991 as a model of a small motorcycle.  It used the new head tube element to support the fork.  It also featured a kickstand and dual rear shocks supporting a swing arm type suspension.

This was one of the smallest sets released so far, but it is a pretty good looking model and a good source of those rare white beams.


The front fork can be steered using the handle bars.  The fork pivots around an axle which passes through the new head tube part.  The handlebar angle and is fixed using toothed connectors.  The fork rake angle is set by the head tube.

The front down tubes are solid and have no suspension.

steering     steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
The kickstand can be manually retracted on a pair of standard finger hinges.   The kickstand is really not necessary since the tires are wide enough to support the vehicle.
The rear wheel is attached to a swing arm supported by a pair of spring loaded shock absorbers.  They are very stiff and have ample travel for a model of this size.
suspension    suspension
Click for an animation of the suspension in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set uses two 13x24 Model Team wheels and tires.

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Side View
side view
Top View
top view
Front View
front view
Back View
back view
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