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8233/8239 Cyber Slam Spider or

Blue Thunder vs. The Stinger

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Model by Owen Dive

This set was released under two different numbers, 8233 and 8239, in the same year with the same content.  The sets had different names, presumably to appeal to markets on different continents.  This was the smallest of the original Competition sets featuring two models and, like its sister sets, was specifically designed for competitive play.  In this case, the piloted turquoise motorcycle battles the purple robotic insect.  A spring loaded cannon on each model can be launched manually or, if the target is struck, launched automatically.


The purple robotic insect is about as simple as a model featuring a competition cannon can get.  Some legs were attached to the side of the cannon thorax and a radar dish and decorated target attached to the trigger.  This allows an automated defensive salvo if the target is struck.

Because the cannon is level, there is very little chance of it hitting its opponent unless the insect is lucky enough to have attained higher ground.
purple    purple
The turquoise tricycle is driven by an uncomfortable prone figure.  In this case, the launch angle of the competition cannon can be adjusted via a ball gear on the back which drives a worm gear.  The use of a worm gear allows the cannon to maintain its position without being backdriven by gravity.

The range of the cannon is quite good, but the accuracy is poor.  It takes many chances to hit a target, although the purple model's large dish makes it easier.
teal    teal

Click here to see an animation of the cannon elevation in motion.
This set comes with a single figure, a partially cybernetic gentleman.  His left side has been augmented with a robotic arm and leg.  The torso printing suggests some other augmentation.

This figure came in a total of 4 sets, but there were other versions that were very close with minor variations.

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