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Competition Set Comparisons


From 1998 - 2000 there was a sub-category of the Technic theme called Competition.  Unlike traditional Technic sets which are typically scale models of a real vehicle with carefully reproduced functions, these models were not based on any real-world subject and are intended purely for competitive play.  In general, the sets each came with two models which were intended to battle each other.  The factions were identified by color.  The new turquoise color represented the humans, and the purple color represented the cyborgs or human/robot hybrids.  Most of these sets came with Technic figures.  The cyborg figures featured new heads and arms with simulated mechanical detail.  In most cases the functions involved some sort of articulated striking mechanism which could be actuated by the user and then retracted with rubber bands.  This striker would be used to try to impact the target of the other model.  A successful hit resulted in the pilot of the impacted vehicle being ejected or some other form of spring loaded destruction.  In many cases the two models were nearly identical except for color, making for an even match.  However in other cases there was a clear distinction between the hunter and the robotic target.

Apart from the new colors unique to this theme, this theme also introduced the competition cannon.  This system involved a launcher and a rubber tipped projectile.  In some cases, the projectile was used as the striker at the end of a mechanism rather than being launched.  Many models used shock absorbers to spring load functions.  Other models use either rubber bands or bungee cords to store energy.

The colors are rare enough that they are of limited use in other models, but these sets came with large numbers of uncommon thin liftarms as well as a wide assortment of black Technic parts.

Sets 8305 and 8307 don't really fit the category very well, but they don't fit anywhere else either so are included here.  They are still competition based play sets but with a different theme.  The Bungee Blasters are actually from 1997 and not officially part of the Competition theme, but they fit in very well with the Bungee Choppers and the competition concept in general.

On a personal note, I always thought that these sets did fit in very well with the Technic theme.  However, they are among the favorite models of my entire collection for my younger children, so LEGO was successful in expanding the line to a younger audience.


2129 Blast-Off Dragster
8205 Bungee Blaster
2854 Bungee Chopper
8202 Bungee Chopper

8233/8239 Cyber Slam Spider

8245 Robots Revenge

8257 Cyber Strikers

8266/3038 Spyder Slayer

8268 Scorpion Attack

8269 Cyber Stinger

8305 Duel Bikes

8307 Stunt Race


Feature Comparison

These sets really can't be compared.  They each have a different concept for competition.

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