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8245 Robot's Revenge

iso revolve
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Model by Philo

This competition set contains some fascinating play features.  The purple robotic scorpion serves as prey which the turquoise hunter stalks.  Both combatants have their weapons.  The hunter has an extensible cannon that can be used strike the scorpion from afar.  Meanwhile, the scorpion stores energy in a bungee cord, coiled and ready to strike.  When the target on the head of the scorpion is struck, the facial expression changes from benign to angry and releases a ratchet causing the model to drive forward at its attacker.  The claws are spring loaded with a rubber band and automatically close when the front bumper strikes an obstacle.  The challenge then is to hit the scorpion without being hit by its counterstrike.

The scissors mechanism used on this model was common to many competition sets this year, and was used on other models as well.


The piloted turquoise model has a single mechanical feature: a cannon mounted to a launching mechanism.  A wheel on the side drives an input crank to a scissors mechanism.  This type of mechanism allows a change in length of many times to occur very rapidly, and therefore simulates a projectile attack without actually launching anything.

This particular model has an extend stop which prevents the mechanism from reaching its theoretical max length.  This is necessary to ensure that the final height of the cannon tip is aligned with the scorpion's target when both models are on the ground.
teal    teal

The purple robotic scorpion is significantly more complicated mechanically than the hunter.  You might expect a scorpion to use the stinger on its tail, but this model uses the tail only for balance.
Face and Drive System
This model stores energy via a long bungee cord in much the same way as 8202.  Pulling the model back drives a cable drum geared to the wheels as shown in the computer image.  A ratchet pawl prevents the bungee from releasing.  The idea is to leave the model in this condition, waiting for attack.

The face of the model has two states.  With the face rotated down and the ratchet in position, the target is raised and the eyes are watchful but calm.  After the target is struck, the entire face rotates back revealing crazy eyes and releasing the ratchet, causing the model to shoot forward.
purple    purple

The scorpion is not without its own means of defense.  The claws on the front are spring loaded with a rubber band.  The red bush shown in the computer image serves as a stop to hold them open.  When the front bumper is struck, the bushing moves forward and releases the claw.  The hunter must be very close to hit the target on the scorpion, so there is an excellent chance that he will be struck by his quarry before he can escape.

The title of this set, "Robot's Revenge" is a reference to the fact that this model can strike back.
purple    purple

This set comes with a single figure, a partially cybernetic gentleman.  His left side has been augmented with a robotic arm and leg.  The torso printing suggests some other augmentation.

This figure came in a total of 4 sets, but there were other versions that were very close with minor variations.

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