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8257 Cyber Strikers

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Model by Philo

The duelling models in this set are nearly identical, differing only in their drive systems, color, and pilot.  They are therefore quite evenly matched.  In each case the weapon is a competition cannon attached to the end of a scissors mechanism.  The bodies of these models are shaped as a pistol grip making it easy to hold them and reach the trigger.  The trigger extends the cannon rapidly.  The intent is to strike the target of your opponent: no easy task if they are moving around.  A successful hit yields a spectacular result.  The pilot of the losing craft is forcibly ejected from the cockpit with a spring mechanism.

This set is among the most fun to play with for two people according to my kids.  The models are quite durable and can withstand rough play.


Purple and Turquoise
Unlike many of the other competition sets, it this case both the purple and turquoise models are nearly the same.  The most obvious difference is in the base.  The purple model uses triangular rubber treads while the turquoise model uses tricycle balloon tires.
Attack Cannon
The primary weapon is an extensible scissors mechanism.  This type of mechanism allows a change in length of many times to occur very rapidly, and therefore simulates a projectile attack without actually launching anything.  The motion is driven by a yellow trigger hanging below the pilot and is returned by stiff rubber bands.

The 3/4 pins which serve as pivots for the mechanism have very little friction which serves as a benefit and a detriment.  The advantage of low friction is an easy deployment, but the penalty is a lot of looseness.  Because of this looseness the cannon sags a lot when at full extension and is also very soft laterally.
cannon    cannon

Seat Target
So what happens when you achieve a successful strike on target?  The pilot's seat is spring loaded with a large shock absorber.  As can be seen in the computer image, the seat itself sits inline with the shock and holds it in a compressed position.  A target strike rotates the seat over center which releases the shock.  The spring then extends rapidly and violently ejects the pilot from the vehicle.
seat    seat

This model comes with a pair of Technic figure combatants.  In this case, the turquoise figure seems entirely human while the purple figure has been highly altered with cybernetic parts.  Most notable are his head reticule and robotic arms.

This is the only type of purple competition figure and he comes in 3 sets.  The fully human turquoise figure comes in 2 sets.

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