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8266/3038 Spyder Slayer or

Super Challenge

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Model by marco9999

This is the only motorized competition model.  This set was released under two different numbers, 8266 and 3038, in the same year with the same content.  The sets had different names, presumably to appeal to markets on different continents.  The two models are completely different and include a flying piloted turquoise hunter and a purple arachnid quarry.  The flying machine sports a pair of extensible scissors mechanisms with competition cannon tips.  The wings of the model serve as hand holds and allow easy access to the mechanism triggers.  The spider, meanwhile, is not an easy target.  In wobbles and weaves in an attempt to escape.  It has no defensive weaponry, so the only options are defeat or escape.  If the target is successfully struck, a spring mechanism ejects the cybernetic pilot.


The primary weapon is a pair of extensible scissors mechanisms.  This type of mechanism allows a change in length of many times to occur very rapidly, and therefore simulates a projectile attack without actually launching anything.  The motion is driven by a trigger on the tip of either wing and is returned by stiff rubber bands.

The 3/4 pins which serve as pivots for the mechanism have very little friction which serves as a benefit and a detriment.  The advantage of low friction is an easy deployment, but the penalty is a lot of looseness.  Because of this looseness the cannon sags a lot when at full extension and is also very soft vertically.

In this model, the trigger contacts the wing and acts as an extension stop preventing the mechanism from reaching its full extension.
turquoise    turquoise

turquoise    turquoise
The purple spider features a fascinating and unique motorization mechanism despite its extreme simplicity.  A vertically mounted 9V motor turns a cleat with no gearing.  There are two versions of the cleat.  For hard surfaces, there is a gray rubber tire with very high friction.  For carpeted or soft surfaces, the tire can be replaced with a plate with 2x2 dishes on the bottom.  The cleat is nearly at the center of gravity, but not quite.  As the model spins, one or more of the rubber wheels on the legs contacts the ground becoming a temporary support point.  The motion is rapid enough that the cleat will temporarily come off the ground and the model will move a bit until it settles back down.  The effect is motion much like a mechanical bull, poorly depicted in the blurry animation in which the model quickly moves out of frame.  The frame rate provides an accurate representation of the speed of motion.
purple    purple
Click for an animation of the spider in motion.
Ejection Seat
So what happens when you achieve a successful strike on target?  The pilot's seat is spring loaded with a large shock absorber.  As can be seen in the computer image, the seat itself sits inline with the shock and holds it in a compressed position.  A target strike rotates the seat over center which releases the shock.  The spring then extends rapidly and violently ejects the pilot from the vehicle.
purple    purple

This model comes with a pair of Technic figure combatants.  In this case, the turquoise figure seems entirely human while the purple figure has been highly altered with cybernetic parts.  Most notable are his head reticule and robotic arms.

This is the only type of purple competition figure and he comes in 3 sets.  The fully human turquoise figure comes in 2 sets.

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