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8268 Scorpion Attack

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Model by marco9999

This is one of the smallest Competition sets, but also one of the most unusual.  While the set is very simple and the flying vehicle is pretty standard, the scorpions are totally unique.  Not only do they come only in this set, nothing anything like them has ever been available before or since.  The concept of the set is that the vehicle hunts the scorpions and tries to shoot their tails.  If struck, the scorpions flip over.  They don't really have a counterattack.  This set makes use of stickers to decorate both the vehicle and the scorpions.


The purple flying vehicle is about as functionally simple as it gets.  The sole feature is a competition cannon mounted to the front.  A simple trigger launches the projectile toward the target.
The scorpions are unique monolithic parts.  The set comes with two: a black and a turquoise.  They are otherwise identical.  They are made from a thin soft plastic hinged at the tail.  A rubber band connects the nose and the tip of the tail.  When "energized" as shown in the photo of the black scorpion, the rubber band is stretched and the hinge is over center.  If the target is struck, the hinge flips back over center causing the whole scorpion to flip up in the air and land randomly.
This set comes with a single figure, a cybernetic hunter.  He has mechanical arms and a reticule over his left eye.  The torso printing suggests some other augmentation.

This figure came in a total of 3 sets.

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