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8307 Stunt Race

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Model by Owen Dive

Of all the Competition sets, the Stunt Race probably has the most play value.  At its core is a motorized car which can be configured in three different ways using different detachable front and rear modules.  Most unusually, there are a large set of brightly colored tracks used by players to change the direction of the car.  There are also a set of accessories.  With these parts, players can choose from among four different games.  The large instructions manual includes all these options as well as "rules" for the games which are cleverly conveyed without words.

I resisted this set for many years because it looks so totally different than the typical Technic philosophy, but I have to admit that it is a lot of fun.  Of all the sets listed here on Technicopedia, this one probably varies the most from the norm.  Play sets of this type would be part of the Racers theme in later years.


This set includes the "BUMP" or Big Ugly Motor Piece.  This large monolithic block contains a battery box for 3AA batteries, an on-off switch on the bottom, a polarity switch on the top, and a pair of outputs.  The lateral hole through the rear of the block can be used to drive an axle, as can the longitudinal hole at the rear.  The rear output is geared down more.

One might reasonably ask why this thing needs to be so big just to house one motor.  It doesn't.  As can be seen in the third image, the interior is mostly empty.  The part is made to be turned into a car with minimal effort.  Add a an axle to the front and back and you are ready to go.  The image also shows a fascinating combination internal ring gear and pinion gear used for large reduction.

At only 4.5V, you might think this motor would not have enough power to actually drive a model.  However, it has quite remarkable power and moves the vehicle very well.

The BUMP is used to build a basic core chassis which directly drives the rear axle.  The driver is attached to a link which connects to the polarity switch.  When the driver is forward and locked, the car goes forward.  If something bumps the front, the driver pops back via some rubber bands and the car goes backward.  There is no steering.
bump    bump

bump    bump
1st Game - Tracks
This model contains a unique set of curved tracks in orange and lime with black extensions.  These are used to control the direction of the vehicle.  In the most basic game, two players take turns catching the car by letting it come in tangentially to the track, then turning the track to send the car back to the other player.  It's quite fun and addictive.  Sending the car in an oval is easier than a figure eight.
tracks    tracks
2nd Game - Monster Grabber
In this game a pair of monsters are constructed.  These are static creatures with no moving parts.  The object of the game is to send the car directly at a monster.  If it hits dead center, the pins on the front of the bumper will catch on the monster's claws causing the monster to flip and the car to then back away.

At least that's the theory.  This is supposed to be the easiest game, but I have never been able to get it to work correctly.  The monsters don't make anything happen.
2    monster
3rd Game - Wheel Shooter
In this game the monsters are reconfigured to use as stabilizing feet for a gate.  The car pushes a set of turquoise and purple wheels.  The object of the game is to send the car through the gate and get the trigger to hit one of the dangling targets.  If a hit is scored, the wheels are released and continue rolling forward while the car reverses direction.

This game is pretty fun and not very difficult.
2    monster
4th Game - Turbo Racer
In this game the track is reconfigured to include a target.  The target assembly is the same that was used as the vertical support of the gate.  A trigger on the target assembly can be used to raise and lower it.  The object of the game is to get the target to be just the right as the car passes by to hit the trigger on the target.  If successful, the competition cannon is launched.

This game is supposed to be the hardest according to the instructions, but it is by far the easiest.  I have never failed to strike the target.
2    monster
This model comes with an orange Technic figure which is unique to this year.  He includes an aggresive helmet and a set of body armor.  His torso is decorated beneath the armor.

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