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8269 Cyber Stinger

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Model by Gerger

This set is quite similar conceptually to 8257.  There is a turquoise "human" model and a purple "robotic" module which are very similar and evenly matched.  Both models effectively include a handle to hold the model comfortably.  In each case the weapon is a competition cannon attached to the end of a stinger mechanism. Depression of the trigger causes the stinger to move rapidly  forward.  The goal is to strike the target on the nose of the other model which releases a spring loaded mechanism ejecting the pilot or opening the jaw.  This model also contains a unique plastic ball which can be used for other competitive games.


This huge (52mm) hollow plastic ball appears only in this set in turquoise, and rarely in other colors elsewhere.  When combined with the competition models, it can used to play a number of games.  While there are no rules for any such games included in the instructions, there are photos suggesting some possibilities including using the cones as goal markers.

The alternate purple model is some sort of mechanical creature with a low "nose" target.  The turquoise model can strike the ball toward the target and incapacitate the purple model.
The primary offensive weapon is a stinger tail.  A pair of rubber bands keep the stinger behind the model by default, but when the upper trigger is pressed it moves far forward and can strike the target of the opposing model.

The computer image shows the mechanism which actuates the stinger.  The orange axles are fixed to structure and serve as pivot axes.  The yellow liftarms are the trigger which is pushed vertically.  Since the trigger attaches to the stinger arm with an offset of only one stud from the pivot, a very small trigger movement produces a large rotation: almost 180ยบ.  Rubber bands connect to the bushings shown in orange to return the stinger.
cannon    cannon

Ejection Seat
So what happens when you achieve a successful strike on target?  The pilot's seat is spring loaded with a shock absorber and some rubber bands.  The yellow connector seen in the computer image is the lock.  When the target is struck, the shock absorber compresses which releases the lock.  The rubber bands then open the mechanism which is pivoted on the orange axle.  In the turquoise model this results in the ejection of the pilot.  In the purple model this mechanism is more like a mouth which is locked open when struck.
seat    seat

This figure is among the most common competition figures, appearing in 6 sets, but the printed helmet appears only here.

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