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8305 Duel Bikes

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Model by Owen Dive

The dueling models in this set are nearly identical, differing only in their color and pilot.  They are therefore quite evenly matched.  In each case the weapon is an extensible front fork.  The intent is to strike the target of your opponent: no easy task if they are moving around.  A successful hit yields a spectacular result.  The pilot of the losing craft is forcibly ejected from the cockpit with a spring mechanism.

This set does not follow the color scheme (turquoise and purple) of all the other Competition sets.  Instead it uses lime and orange, also very rare colors.  Both sets from 2000, this and 8307, use these colors.


Front Fork Attack
The primary weapon is an extensible front fork mechanism.   The motion is driven by a trigger standing behind the seat and is returned by stiff rubber bands.
attack    attack
Seat Target
So what happens when you achieve a successful strike on target?  The pilot's seat is spring loaded with a small shock absorber.  A target strike rotates the seat over center which releases the shock.  The spring then extends rapidly and violently ejects the pilot from the vehicle.
seat    seat
This model comes with a pair of Technic figure combatants.  In this case, the orange figure seems entirely human while the purple figure has been highly altered with cybernetic parts.  Most notable are his head reticule and robotic arms.

This is the only type of purple competition figure and he comes in 3 sets.  The fully human orange figure comes in only the 2 sets from this year.

It was not until researching to write this page that I realized that my copy of this set has the wrong figure.  The purple figure is not correct.  Since I don't have the right figure, I can't show it to you!  He is similar to that shown except that he has a lime body and purple body armor.  The orange figure should also have turquoise body armor (see 8307).

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